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LockCircle Releases MetalJacket 2

The lightweight cage for the Leica SL2 is designed to facilitate motion-picture production.

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The lightweight cage for the Leica SL2 is designed to facilitate motion-picture production.

LockCircle has introduced the MetalJacket 2, a cage for the Leica SL2 camera that is designed to facilitate motion-picture production.

Weighing 8.6 ounces, the MetalJacket 2 integrates (with the CineBlock interface mount) the original Leitz Cine/Leica SL-PL Mount, creating a rock-solid production camera. The NovoBlock integrates the Novoflex and P+S Technik mounts for using still-photography lenses. Thanks to its ultra-compact design, the MetalJacket 2 does not have to be removed when the user wants to shoot stills.

The MetalJacket 2 offers 150 threads 1/4"-20 and seven threads 3/8"-16 for multi-accessory mounting such as viewfinders, 4K HDMI recorders, monitors and heavy-duty camera rigging.

The cage integrates MultiPort HDMI/USB 3.0/Audio connector port savers for camera protection. The LockPort offers a 90-degree, rear-output, full-size HDMI adapter for port protection when using monitors or 4K outboard recorders. 

The camera baseplate offers secure mounting with 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threads and has front and rear 1/4"-20 threads useful for other mounting applications. 

The MetalJacket 2 is available in Classic Black and hard-anodized Dura-T (Tactical Grey). A lightweight MicroMega-M baseplate for 15mm rods and an Arri BP-8 Baseplate Adapter for Arri 19mm rods are available.

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