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NBCUniversal’s New Trio of LightBlade Kits

LightBlade LB1K panel and the LightBlade Ladder have been joined by three new RGB LED product configurations.

David Alexander Willis

Three new setups expand this family of versatile RGB LED lights.

Available for rental or for sale, the NBCUniversal LightBlade LB1K panel and the LightBlade Ladder, a backdrop lighting system, have been joined by three new product configurations. NBCUniversal LightBlade’s new 1 Blade, 2 Blade and 4 Blade kits are designed as versatile, linear lights.

At a respective height and depth of 1.5" and 2.5", each of the LightBlade fixtures are based around the 2lb. linear LightBlade LED module, which offers tunable (2700K to 6500K), reference-quality white light. With typical ratings of CRI>90 and and a red channel result of R9>95, important for skin tone, the light sources also have high-output RGB color engine.

The 1000-watt LB1K incorporates the LightBlade LB50 light into a 4' x 4' soft source roughly equivalent to large HMI or incandescent solutions. The LB1K panels can be used individually or combined in custom rigs for any soft source lighting needs. The 14' LightBlade Ladder Light converts the system to NBCUniversal’s familiar and versatile system of backdrop lighting.

With four-channel DMX/RDM control, each 50-watt LightBlade is powered from 24VDC. Capable of up to 8,000 lumens of white light, the internal RGB engine can be adjusted to affect shade, tint, and tone without changing hue. Versatile, lightweight, silent and flicker-free, they are also built durably for use across staging and production.

At Cine Gear in 2017, NBCUniversal debuted the first model in the line, the LightBlade LB1K, created in partnership with Cineo Lighting. “From its inception, Cineo’s charter has been advancing the art of motion picture, television and broadcast production through application of innovative lighting technologies,” said Rich Pierceall, CEO of Cineo Lighting, via the release. “Working with NBCUniversal to achieve this goal is both an honor and great opportunity to actively integrate lighting into the production process.”

“Advancements in LED technology are allowing greater capabilities in production lighting, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of that movement,” added Jamie Crosbie, vice president of Studio Services at NBCUniversal. “NBCUniversal LightBlade LED production lighting provides outstanding color, along with the ability to have each NBCUniversal LightBlade individually DMX controlled.”

“We are very excited to expand the product line to become a more comprehensive digital lighting toolset,” continued Crosbie. “NBCUniversal LightBlade LED production lighting not only provides outstanding color, but also superior white light.” 

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