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Quasar Science Releases Rainbow 2, Double Rainbow

The low-profile tubular LED lights feature multiple individually controllable pixels.

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The low-profile tubular LED lights feature multiple individually controllable pixels.

Quasar Science has released the Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow tubular LED lights, its latest linear LED instruments for motion-picture production.

The Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow feature multiple individually controllable pixels, delivering high-quality white light and saturated color that work in tight spaces thanks to the units’ low profiles.

The Rainbow 2 is available in 2' ($625), 4' ($850) and 8' ($1,400) lengths featuring a single row of 10, 24 or 48 pixels. The Double Rainbow is configured with two rows of pixels totaling 20 or 48 across two sizes, 2' ($1,000) and 4' ($1,400).

Both luminaires feature Quasar’s RGBX Spectral Science Color Engine, which uses more than 1 quintillion diode combinations to produce more than 1 billion unique colors. 

“The RGBX Spectral Science Color Engine gives artists the lighting industry’s most advanced — yet simplest — color controls to use as their lighting paintbrushes,” says Tim Kang, principal engineer of color and imaging at Quasar Science.

Spectrum Control gives users the ability to choose the spectral quality of any color point the lights can produce. 100 percent on this parameter gives the optimal spectrum for that color, while 0 percent gives the spikiest RGB-only spectrum.

Networking capabilities for today’s data-heavy productions is addressed with new Rainbow Series communications hardware. Rainbow fixtures accept every industry-standard wired and wireless protocol, including DMX, CRMX, W-DMX, Bluetooth, sACN and Art-Net. The Rainbow 2 has a built-in Ethernet Node, and the Double Rainbow is equipped with both an Ethernet Node and a Network Switch.

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