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Rokinon’s AF 24mm (F2.8), SP 50mm (F1.2) and AF 85mm (F1.4)

Affordable autofocus and full-frame optics for Sony E mount and Canon EF.

David Alexander Willis

Affordable autofocus and full-frame optics for Sony E mount and Canon EF.

Introduced only a week after their latest AF 24mm (F2.8) full-frame compact lens for the Sony E mount, Rokinon has also produced the AF 85mm (F1.4) for Canon EF cameras. Joining the the SP 50mm (F1.2) lens for Canon, announced in February, the AF 85mm (F1.4) brings the total available full-frame options from Rokinon to more than 30 models.

Rokinon's AF 85mm (F1.4) for Canon full-frame shooting.

As addendum to models like the Rokinon AF 14mm (F2.8) full-frame for Canon EF, with 9-blade aperture, the fast, low-light capable Rokinon 85mm (F1.4) for Canon EF-mount will cover full frame at 28.4-degrees angle of view, as well as Canon’s APS-C sensors at 19-degrees as an equivalent 136mm focal length. With 1.6x crop, Canon’s sub-full-frame APS-C format is roughly the same as Super 35.

Internal elements for the Rokinon AF 85mm (F1.4).

The autofocus system uses two LSM Linear Ultrasonic Motors that only have to adjust a single inner lens grouping to achieve fast and quiet autofocus. Optical construction includes a total of nine glass elements in seven groups, which includes one Hybrid Aspherical lens.

Rokinon's AF 85mm (F1.4) for Canon full-frame and APS-C (Super 35) coverage.

At only 2.83" in length and a weight of 17.11oz. (1.06-lbs), with an all metal barrel construction, it’s also the second lens in the Rokinon lines to sport weather sealing. Rokinon’s Ultra Multi-Coating on the front element minimize aberrations. 

Minimum focus distance is 0.90m (2.95') with 0.11x magnfication ratio. Filter size is a common 77mm. It is expected for availability in August at a street price of $799, and will come with reversible lens hood, lens cap and soft pouch case.

Rokinon SP 50mm (F1.2) for Canon EF mount.

As a model in their SP “Special Performance” lines, the SP 50mm (F1.2) lens offers 46.6-degrees of coverage on full frame and 31-degrees on APS-C. With 86mm filter thread, minimum focus of 1.48' and magnification at x0.17, it has nine-blade diaphragm with eleven elements in eight groups, incorporating Aspherical and High Refractive lens components.

Internal lens groupings for the Rokinon SP 50mm (F1.2) with Aspherical and High Refractive lens components.

At 42.3oz (2.64lbs), the body is aluminum alloy for durability and a “luxurious look.” The lens has manual focus control with registered EXIF information and enabled TTL exposure control. With the SP 50mm (F1.2), there are now three SP models, a new offering from Rokinon that was introduced last year.

The sleek design of the 50mm (F1.2) "Special Performance" SP lens for Canon EF

They say the SP lenses are capable of resolving to 50-megapixel sensors and 8K resolutions. Mounted for Canon EF, the other two Rokinon SP focal lengths are the $999 Rokinon SP 14mm (F2.4) and $999 Rokinon SP 85mm (F1.2). The SP 50mm (F1.2) lists at $1,299 with street price at $999. The SP 14mm (F2.4) is also available for Nikon F at $899.

The very compact $399 Rokinon 24mm (F2.8) with full frame coverage for mirrorless

Lastly, “small in size but big in performance,” the wide Rokinon 24mm (F2.8) expands the line of Sony E mount to five available models. At only $399, the lens is designed as a compact choice for mirrorless users, presenting an 82.1-degree angle of view on full frame and 60-degree for APS-C. 

Seven elements in seven groups in the Rokinon 24mm (F2.8) for full frame Sony E mount, including two High Refractive Index and three Aspherical.

Equivalent to a 36mm in full frame on Sony APS-C models, it houses seven elements in seven groups, including two High Refractive Index and three Aspherical. With UMC on the front element and magnification ratio of 0.13x, it weighs 3.28oz (.021lbs) with minimum focus of 9.5". Lens cap, case and reversible hood are included.

The Rokinon 24mm (F2.8) for full-frame Sony E mount cameras.

The company started off the year with the “ultra-wide” Rokinon 14mm (F2.8) for Canon EF. The fifth autofocus model from the company, and the first AF lens as well as weather-sealed model for Canon EF, these latest two AF models increase the autofocusing family to seven available focal lengths.

At $799, they preceded the Rokinon 14mm (F2.8) with another full-frame option for Sony E mount, the 35mm (F1.4) AF. Available in Nikon F, Canon EF, Sony E, and Micro Four Thirds, the Cine DS line of manual focus lenses was joined by the $599 Rokinon Cine DS 16mm (T2.6) in May of 2017.

The full-frame Xeen 16mm from Rokinon on the Blackmagic URSA and its interchangeable lens mount: EF, PL and B4. At $2,495 list, Xeen mounts are available for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, MFT and PL.

Averaging $2,000 each in street price, the lenses in the Rokinon XEEN line have the most advanced optical offerings, extending coverage to PL mount in addition to Nikon F, MFT, Sony E and Canon EF.

Rokinon is manufactured by Korean company Samyang, who provides several of their own lenses for Sony, Canon, Nikon and Micro Four Thirds, including the affordable full-frame Samyang Cine Lens lines with geared rings and declicked aperture. 

Rokinon Xeen options showcased during the recent Cine Gear Expo LA.

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