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Rota-Streaks and the Latest from Lindsey Optics

Introducing a new single-slot, +1 diopter, tray-mount Close-Up lens, plus optical anamorphic streaks and much more.

David Alexander Willis

A new, single-slot, +1 diopter, tray-mount Close-Up lens, plus optical anamorphic streaks and more.

Following hot on the heels of the +1/4 diopter, +1/2 diopter, +1 diopter, +2 diopter and +3 diopter “Close-Up” Lenses introduced by Lindsey Optics last June, the company has announced a new version of their +1 diopter that utilizes highly refractive index glass to achieve a single slot thickness for 4 x 5.65" cine matte boxes. The previous model required two.

“Instead of ring mounting it and putting the ring in the tray, we're mounting the glass directly in the tray,” said Dwight Lindsey, President of Lindsey Optics, during Band Pro’s annual open house in Burbank in December. “Therefore, we are the first people to have a plus three that you can put in a single matte box. Before that, you could get a tray, you can put a plus three in, but then when you put it in the matte box, you scraped the coating off the front of the lens. I've heard rental house telling me this.”

Available individually for $550, or in a set of five strengths for $2,750, the newer +1 Diopter Tray Mount Close-Up Lens joins +1/4 and +1/2 diopters as a model that will fit in a single slot, while diopter strengths of +2 and +3 use two and three slots per matte box, respectively. Each will magnify small objects to a respective degree when minimum focus or subject size is a difficulty for a cine lens.

Lindsey Optics’ unique design allows insertion and changes of Close-Up lenses using clip-on or rod mount 4" x 5.65" cine matte boxes. Arri, Bright Tangerine, Chrosziel, Vocas and other brand makes are compatible. Each Brilliant² Tray — as in “squared,” a pun on the shape of the rectangular filter tray — has a Close-Up lens of differing strength mounted permanently. This gave Lindsey Optics a clear, matching, 5.1" diameter across the line to accommodate wide angles or lenses with larger front elements.

With a silicon dioxide top layer added for durability, the “Brilliant²” nomenclature also refers to seven layers of anti-reflection coatings that enhance light transmission and minimize light loss. Lindsey, also a former CEO of Schneider Optics, points out that the frequently misused term “diopter” is actually a unit of measurement for magnification, so the company has chosen “Close-Up” as the name of the family of lenses.

Announced in January, the $675 Brilliant² Tray Mount Rota-Split Filters for 4" x 5.65" cine matte boxes give dramatic near and deep focus from the same Close-Up lens. The rotating Close-Up lenses are split-field and mounted in a geared tray to align the split line.

"The cut edge of the lens is usually aligned with an edge in the scene such as a table edge, a door frame, building edge or a tree trunk. This hides the transition line and creates a seamless deep focus effect," describes the press release.

Lindsey Optics’ Rota-Streak filters for optical anamorphic flare and other effects, announced in October, were already available as an assortment of models. “There are currently 43 different Streak filters in the product range,” Dwight Lindsey continued. “We're being asked for more, and for customs. We've made blue flare, and blue and pink and red Swirls. Now we’re being asked for others, like black, and black and orange, and black and gold.

“We have a linear streaks in 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm. The spacing, as it gets wider, the effect is weaker. As they get closer together, the effect is stronger.” Anamorphic flares characteristic of the classic CinemaScope look come in several variations with six current color selections: clear, blue, yellow, green, pink and red.

With brighter lights creating bigger streaks, there are initially seven types of Rota-Streak Filters available in the line. 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm come standard to create linear flares, only they are not limited to horizontal placement. As round filters with 138mm diameter in 4" x 5.65" cine matte box trays, each $425 Rota-Streak filter has a 1/4-20" thread for a lens motor to give remote or tethered control over filter rotations.

With additional Rota-Streak models available in Diamond, Star, Confetti and Swirl for effects, they can also be used to give dynamic movements to specular highlights for patterning effects like streaks, swirls or ellipticals. The company also makes macro attachments, polarizers and ND filtration.

Blue Swirl effect

“One of the things that are macros do, is that you can zoom through a zoom lens range,” said Lindsey, “We work with a surprising number of zooms. For example, on the 85-300mm Fujinon, it has a large 114mm diameter. You wouldn’t think that those little lenses would work, but, from 120mm to 300mm, it works perfectly.”

Contact Dwight Lindsey for more information, or phone at (661) 522-7101.

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