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Sachtler Announces Aktiv 10T, 12T, 14T

Now available for pre-order, the new 100mm fluid heads are designed to support heavier payloads.

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Now available for pre-order, the new 100mm fluid heads are designed to support heavier payloads.

Sachtler has announced the Aktiv 10T, 12T and 14T 100mm fluid heads, which bring the speed and control benefits of Aktiv to camera operators with heavier payloads.

The Aktiv 10T supports up to 26.5 pounds; the Aktiv 12T supports up to 31 pounds, and the Aktiv 14T supports up to 35 pounds.

“With these new fluid heads, together with our Flowtech tripod range, our camera-support systems are now available to a wider range of camera operators than ever before,” says Barbara Jaumann, product manager, Vitec Production Solutions. “Camera operators with heavier payloads can now set up faster and be more flexible. The Aktiv12T and 14T heads have a greater payload range and more counterbalance steps than the DV12 and Video15 heads that they will replace in the Sachtler range. More flexibility and control mean that operators gain more time to capture the perfect shot.”

Featuring Sachtler’s SpeedLevel and SpeedSwap technology, the Aktiv fluid head enables camera operators to mount, level and lock the head in seconds and to switch quickly among tripod, slider or handheld shots.

The new heads are compatible with all Sachtler 100mm tripods (except for HotPod), and all feature the “Touch & Go” camera plate to quickly attach and release a camera. All Aktiv heads feature 15 steps of counterbalance and seven steps of drag.

The 100mm Sachtler Aktiv fluid-head range is priced from $2,948 (£2,150) and can be pre-ordered from Sachtler resellers individually or as part of a Flowtech system.

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