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Sony Launches Cinema Line

One of the cameras in the new series, the Sony Venice, recently received "Filmed in Imax" certification.

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One of the cameras in the new series, the Sony Venice, recently received “Filmed in Imax” certification.

Sony Electronics has launched Cinema Line, a series of camera products for a wide range of content creators. The new series will extend beyond basic cinema-camera and professional-camcorder form factors.

Existing products in the Sony range, such as the Venice and FX9 cameras, form part of the Cinema Line. The Venice recently qualified for “Filmed In Imax” certification, which Imax Corp. reserves for high-end digital-cinema cameras capable of rendering Imax format when paired with its proprietary postproduction process. (The forthcoming feature Top Gun: Maverick, shot by Claudio Miranda, ASC with the Sony Venice, will be among the first theatrical releases certified as “Filmed in Imax.”)

Image from Top Gun: Maverick.

Sony will release and ship the next addition to the Cinema Line, the FX6 camera, by the end of 2020.

Each of the Cinema Line cameras will evolve with user feedback. Next month the Venice will see additional features in v.6 firmware that will improve its operability in broadcast and live environments. The FX9 v.3 upgrade, available in 2021, will see the addition of the S700PTP[i], allowing remote control of Sony’s camera, a Center Scan mode for Super 16mm lens and B4 Lens support with its adapter, among other features. 

“The voice of our customer is critical to everything we do,” says Neal Manowitz, deputy president of Imaging Products and Solutions Americas at Sony Electronics. “We have the deepest respect for filmmakers and will continue to evolve our product line to meet and exceed their demands.”

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