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Logmar Magellan 65mm Camera

A new option in large-format “film” filmmaking with a new lightweight, shouldermount design from the Danish camera maker.

David Alexander Willis

Large-format “film” filmmaking with a new lightweight, shouldermount camera design.

Announced in April, Logmar Camera Solutions has produced the advanced yet easy-to-operate Magellan 65mm film camera. With a weight of only 12kg (26lbs), far less than other 65mm offerings, the design is built from scratch for user ergonomics and handheld use, featuring run buttons placed on both sides of the unit.

Integrated carry handles placed on top of the Magellan and its 500' film magazine facilitate transport. (A 1,000' cartridge is planned for a future update.)

For digital needs, recordings can be made to external USB 3.0 storage media through the electronic viewfinder’s HDMI port (as a single file per captured scene). Supporting either HD or UHD natively, the HDMI output also enables third-party solutions.

With Dropbox integration, using tethered handset or networked WiFi connection, this "PVR" Preview Recording mode will also allow uploads directly to the internet for footage previews.

The camera houses internal 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi, and video mirroring to a remote screen can also be enabled. 

Employing a medium-format Hasselblad/Zeiss mount, the Magellan is compatible with Distagon, Planar, Sonnar and other lenses.

A jog wheel provides camera setup through the viewfinder, while the LCD screen on the side has six function buttons and will display a number of specifications, including film capacity. 

Using dual claw and pin registration to secure the film plane, the Magellan 65mm will run from 2 to 54fps.

The shutter is set at an 180-degree fixed angle with a guillotine design, which the company says produces optimum light and motion balance. A loading button in the middle will unlock access to the 5-perf film path, where the removable top-hat provides access to the film and threading.

In the film door, there is a set screw for pitch adjustments and a loading button to open the film rollers, release the pressure plate and retract registration pins. 

The Magellan has a nominal 12VDC power input and uses a IATA-flight-regulation-compliant 14.8V lithium-ion smart battery from Core SWX.

Operating between -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F), automatic remote triggering can be performed simultaneously or selectively to multiple Magellan units. 

Asahi-Kasai Velvet sound capture offers a 32-bit stereo codec with 121dB of dynamic range, achievable from the 5-pin stereo XLR port on the side of the camera.

Sound monitoring can also be done wirelelessly through Bluetooth, available in Bluetooth Classic for heightened connection and Bluetooth Low Energy to mitigate power consumption. 

A 15mm rod system is built in for rigging, and it also has integrated stand and tripod mount. 

Hardware and software upgrades are planned for future-proofing, and there are several optional models. The RNT Rental Mode, for example, is provided for houses to manage camera leasings with install codes that set the amount of film and therefore limit and measure camera usage.

Available for perusal at the Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles, the Magellan cameras are designed and manufactured in Denmark. 

Featuring a unique pressure plate and pin registration system, the company also released the limited-edition Super 8 Logmar S-8 Chatham camera in 2015. (With a production run of just 50 units, it’s no longer available. Demo footage here.) 

For further details, contact them via Chief Executive Officer Tommy Lau Madsen.

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