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Tilta Arm, Gravity G2 and G2X and Nucleus-M

Tilta whirls out new products for image stabilization while adding repair services to their offerings.

David Alexander Willis

Tilta whirls out new products for image stabilization while adding repair services to their offerings.

With four new shoulder mount camera rigs shipping as of this March, Tilta has extensively expanded their camera “arming” solutions over the last few months. Customized to the needs of the latest Panasonic EVA1, Sony PXW-FS5, Canon EOS C200 and Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro cameras, four more models have been added to the company’s roster of camera rig solutions. 

Based on a top plate that provides camera armor as well as standard 15mm rod support, each comes with battery plate, V-Lock, Tilta extension arms and cabling. Pricing varies.

Their latest Tilta G2 and Tilta G2X single-handed gimbals, meanwhile, are designed for mirrorless DSLRS, GoPros, smartphones and even midsize cameras like the Panasonic EVA1. Both available at $730, an optional custom case can be added for an additional $60. The Tilta Gravity G2/X models will support up to 8 lbs. with under- and over-sling operations as well as full 360-drgree rotation. 60-drgree is available to the left and right for roll, respectively.

With multicolor LED display, there are four settable modes: Pan-Follow Mode, Tilt-Lock Mode (also known as Flashlight Mode) Fully-Stabilized Mode (or Chicken-head Mode) and the Roll-Lock Mode for Dutch angles. An included quick-change Manfrotto plate with a quick-balance receiving plate can be locked down with dual screws. There are also measuring scales to demarcate best centering, and an Auto Calibration will configure motors to the most ideal flight settings during a shot.

Powering includes 5V MiniUSB for Nucleus-Nano motor, 14.8V DC input/output, and an available range of Lemo and P-Tap power distribution boxes from Tilta and others. The Tilta Gravity G2 and G2X handhelds will run for up to ten hours on four rechargeable lithium-ion 18650 batteries, which are not included. The Tilta Assistant app is Bluetooth enabled calibrations for torque, dead zones, accelerations and speed through individual motors. There are also time-lapse and other remote control functions. 

The Tilta Gravity G2X adds an Angled Roll Motor arm to the assembly, which can be used in right- or left-handed positions, behind the camera, or in front of the camera. This enables unfettered display monitoring, better weight distribution for longer camera setups, and added flexibility.

For more advanced camera systems of between 22-55lbs., the $4,999 Tilta Arm for vehicular mounting was announced late this last year. It’s based on an hydraulic dampening system with two cylinders. Coupled with damping adjustment knob, the Tilta Arm will clamp to 1.5" Speed Rails (any pipe with a 2" outer diameter), and it is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. The cradle head has Quick Release Gravity Adapter Mount, and customized adapter mounts are available for many other systems, including the Movi, DJI Ronin 2, Tilta’s own Tiltamax $3,700 Gravity 3-Axis stabilization head, and more. It includes waterproof, rolling hard shell case with customized foam inserts.

Also introduced in late 2017, Tilta’s $1,199 Nucleus-M follow focus is offered for remote operations on both the Tilta Arm and Tilta Gravity product lines. With full controls for focus, iris, and zoom, the three-channel, wireless system comes with FIZ handheld unit for control and two handle grips as well as two motors that will connect remotely at up to 1,000', which is upgradeable to a mile. A starter kit includes two lens drive motors that have built-in receivers and cine-standard 0.8 MOD 32-pitch drive gears. Motors are powered directly from the camera battery through 7-pin to P-TAP cable, and daisy chains through 7-pin to 7-pin. One grip will run focus, while the other controls iris and zoom. A hardshell, waterproof case is included.

Promising local and fast service for Tilta products in the Los Angeles area, the company also announced that their United States repairs center is now operational. With a dedicated in-house engineer, Tilta is claiming a 24-48 hour response time on estimates. They will notify customers of warranty validations, cost of parts and labor, and approximate turnaround time. New purchases from verified dealers include a 24-month warranty on machined parts in addition to a 12-month warranty for electronics. 

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