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Westcott Flex Cine Fixtures

A flexible, modular, compact and flat LED panel with RGBW color saturation.

David Alexander Willis

A flexible, modular, compact and flat LED panel with RGBW color saturation.

As thin, malleable 1'x1' and 2'x2' panels, the water-resistant, full-spectrum RGBW Flex Cine lights from F.J. Westcott base full-spectrum saturation around a versatile CCT range of 2800K to 6000K. Designed for ease of travel as well as cramped shooting situations, the panels come with magnetic corners and wired or wireless DMX “smart” dimmer that has been designed in partnership with Ratpac Dimmers.

The Flex Cine is compatible with such apps as Luminair, which has a dedicated Westcott profile, for advanced lighting effects and controls. Mat Sensing Technology will denote and control multiple panels, including the original bi-color Westcott 1'x1' and 2'x2' Westcott Flex LEDs through an optional adapter. Hybrid Pulse Width Modulation allows Flex LED mats to be dimmed down to 1 percent for flicker-free operation at up to 960 fps.

Wired DMX512 input/output through 5-pin male/female XLR gives source-matching presets plus more than 120 color gel presets with daylight or tungsten backing, CCT adjustments, user-defined presets and other controls. With built-in V-mount adapter for AC or DC powering, the Flex Cine can also be paired with cordless 26V lithium-ion battery, or used worldwide via the universal Flex Cine AC Adapter. (Previous Flex models can also be upgraded to Cine Dimmers and V-mount batteries.)

There are several light modifiers already available for the Westcott Flex line. New to their lineups, there are Cine Softboxes and Egg Crate Grids, which join modular frames and diffusion solutions like hard panels, barndoors, drum softbox and others.

Available in 1-Light and 2-Light purhcases in a variety of sizes with RGBW or bi-color options, Flex Cine Kits bundle the LED mats and dimmer with accessories like collapsible softboxes and diffusers, Cine frames, yokes, egg crate grids, wireless DMX dimmers, 26V lithium-ion batteries, storage bag and whelled travel cases.

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