VENICE Camera - 2. Photos, Videos, Links

This is PART 2 of my posts about Sony's new Venice camera, the highlight of the IBC show last September.
Benjamin B

This is PART 2 of my posts about Sony's new Venice camera, the highlight of the IBC show last September.

PART 1 features interviews with Japanese and European Sony experts.

This post starts with a "photo tour" of the Venice on the Sony stand, followed by videos and links. My photos are in 4K, but compressed for faster download. These are not beauty shots :), but simple documents of the camera.



Venice front with PL mount

Glimpse of Venice 36x24 mm Full Frame sensor (similar in size to Vistavision)

Connectors on front for 24 Volts, lens control and the viewfinder

The PL mount is screwed on top of the E mount on the Venice front.

Venice viewfinder from above

The viewfinder features a magnification button for checking focus

Another view of viewfinder

Left side of camera has small display for the operator showing: fps, shutter, ND, EI and color temperature

2 Slots for SxS cards

To record RAW you need to add an external recorder on the back of the camera

Camera rear battery connector

Camera with battery mounted

Venice rear connectors, with 4 SDI outputs on left

Right-hand rear connectors

Right side of camera with full menu for AC

The Venice is rated at an EI of 500, which the engineers consider the "sweet spot" for best performance

Main page of menu display

3 current 4K imager mode settings: anamorphic, full 17x9 and 16x9 cropped to 3.8K

The Sony people told me that anamorphic was a key consideration in the camera design. This setting shown here creates a 1.33:1 image, which can be expanded to 2.66:1 -- and also cropped to 2.40:1.

The rear 24V output

The top handle is designed to slide and lock




Changing the Venice Sensor Block and Fan


THE DIG shot by Claudio Miranda, ASC
using Arri Master Prime anamorphic lenses
(viewable in 4K as well as 1080p)

view on YouTube

YouTube: Behind the Scenes on THE DIG

PDF of on-set interviews


THE DEPARTURE shot by Ed Wild, BSC
using Movietech Xstal Express anamorphic lenses

view on YouTube

YouTube: Behind the Scenes on THE DEPARTURE


LINKS Venice page PDF article about the Venice
-- Jon Fauer's very comprehensive guide Venice Venice specs AXS-R7 Portable Memory Recorder

YouTube: cinema5D interview with Sebastian Leske

YouTube: Sony CineAlta Venice intro CineAlta Venice and the Latest from Sony Venice: What Does It Mean Sony's Top-of-the-Line CineAlta Full Frame 6K VENICE is Alive Sony Announces New 6K Venice Flagship Cinema Camera


The Elastic Frame

Practical Optics 1 - Testing Different Sensor Sizes

Practical Optics 2 - Notes on Lenses & Elastic Formats

Practical Optics 3 - Introduction to Anamorphic 


  Sony Venice specs from page


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