ASC and Leica Celebrate M10-P “ASC-100 Edition” Camera Release At Clubhouse

This special night of photography and festivities was held in conjunction with the Leica Gallery Los Angeles. 

ASC Staff

This special night of photography and festivities was held on November 2 in conjunction with Leica Gallery Los Angeles.

Event photos by Alex Lopez

The historic ASC Clubhouse in the heart of Hollywood showcased an exceptional presentation of still photography by Society members in celebration of the new Leica M10-P “ASC-100 Edition” camera, a limited-edition professional tool not only celebrating the Society’s centennial but also designed with working cinematographers in mind. (Now available from the ASC Store. Complete details on the camera and its development here.)

The M10-P “ASC-100 Edition” Camera set.
The M10-P “ASC-100 Edition” Camera set.
Dan Laustsen, ASC, DFF with the receipt from his Leica M10-P “ASC-100 Edition” camera purchase.

On display were photographs by ASC members James Chressanthis, Richard Crudo, David Darby, Robert Elswit, Dana Gonzales, Jacek Laskus, Dan Laustsen, Charlie Lieberman, Suki Medenčević, Dan Mindel, Steven Poster, John Simmons and Mandy Walker.

The exhibition was curated by Leica Gallery Los Angeles manager and curator Paris Chong, along with Leiberman, and all of the photographs on view were taken with Leica cameras.

The exhibition was curated by Paris Chong (left) and Charlie Lieberman, ASC (center).

Each participant has previously shown their work in prior ASC Photo Gallery exhibitions held at the Clubhouse (learn more here).

Chong notes that she was looking for “beautiful artwork shot with Leica cameras” to showcase what the cameras can accomplish. “I’m really proud of the people who contributed [to this exhibition] who are using the best cameras out there.”

Chong has curated a number of ASC Photo Gallery exhibitions as well as an exhibition last winter at the Leica Gallery that featured work from ASC members. “I’m honored to be part of anything that the ASC does and to work with some of the most talented men and women in town,” she added.

Among the highlights of the evening, Chong said, one of her clients purchased a print from Mandy Walker, ASC, ACS (above).

ASC members in attendance at the event included exhibiting photographers Chressanthis, Crudo, Darby, Elswit, Laskus, Laustsen, Lieberman, Medenčević, Poster, Simmons and Walker, as well as Bill Bennett, Chris Chomyn, Steven Fierberg, Denis Lenois, George Mooradian, Nancy Schreiber and Steven Shaw.

Many guests arrived prepared with their own Leica still cameras in hand. 

A very limited number of the M10-P “ASC-100 Edition” Camera can be purchased directly from the ASC.

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