ASC and PSC Team to Present Emotional Lighting Workshop

The American Society of Cinematographers and Polish Society of Cinematographers are holding a workshop with the participation of six directors of photography:

Phillippe Rousselot, ASC, AFC
(Oscar winner for A River Runs Through It)

Shelly Johnson, ASC
(Captain America, Jurassic Park III)

Jacek Laskus, ASC, PSC
(The Whole Shebang, The Devil’s Arithmetic)

Jerzy Zielinski, ASC, PSC
(Washington Square, Shivers)

Arek Tomiak, PSC
(Manhunt, Karbala)

Radek Ładczuk, PSC
(The Babadook, You Are God)

The aim of this class is to present different solutions and artistic choices.

During the first three days, the instructors will work with directors and actors. Each day. A scene will be photographed twice — once by an American and once by a Polish cinematographer

The directors of photography will discuss with the directors and participants their decisions related to lighting, the choice of optics and the movement of the camera.

A very important element of the workshop will be the cooperation between the director and the cinematographer, which is why the event is designed for young directors and DoPs.

On the fourth day, in the professional reference cinema, an analysis and color correction of assembled materials will take place.

This educational session will be held in Warsaw, Poland on March 3-5, 2019.



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