ASC Announces MHL and FDL Version 1.0 Specifications

These two new groundbreaking specifications are ready for incorporation into your motion-picture software products.

ASC Staff

Attention all filmmakers and software developers! The American Society of Cinematographers and its Motion Imaging Technology Council (MITC) have announced the highly anticipated Version 1.0 release of two groundbreaking specifications that are ready for incorporation into your products:

ASC Framing Decision List (FDL)
The ASC FDL empowers filmmakers with a powerful tool for streamlining the framing and composition process, allowing for greater creative control and efficient collaboration from previsualization through postproduction.

ASC Media Hash List (MHL)
The ASC MHL ensures the authenticity and integrity of digital media, enabling filmmakers to confidently safeguard their work against tampering or corruption.

By integrating these cutting-edge specifications into your workflows and tools, you can elevate your filmmaking to the next level and create workflows of exceptional quality and security. Don't miss the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and be part of the revolution in modern cinema. Join us today and embark on a journey toward innovation and excellence.

Use or share these links and QR codes to access these resources on the go:

Media Hash List

Framing Decision List

We’re excited to witness the emergence of innovative tools and workflows resulting from your integration of these specifications.

Learn more about the ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council at

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