ASC Introduces Virtual Photo Gallery 

Society offers a way for the public to view and enjoy members’ still photography exhibit despite Clubhouse closure.

Due to the ongoing ASC Clubhouse closure, the Society postponed the physical presentation of the Spring 2020 Photo Gallery exhibition, originally scheduled to debut on March 28. 

This collection of 43 images features the work of ASC members Oliver Bokelberg, Antonio Calvache, Richard Crudo, David Darby,  Darren Genet, Dana Gonzales, Gregg Heschong, Ernie Holzman, Dan Laustsen, Charlie Lieberman, John Lindley, M. David Mullen, James Neihouse, Phedon Papamichael, Steven Poster, Paul Ryan, John Simmons, Eric Steelberg and Mandy Walker. 

This is also the first Photo Gallery collection to feature the work of ASC associate members, represented by Seth Emmons, Andy Romanoff and Dana Ross.

The exhibition was curated by Paris Chong, manager of the Leica Gallery Los Angeles, and each participant has between one and three photographs on view.

Through an effort to continue engagement with the community, the Society is pleased to introduce the Virtual Photo Gallery, which showcases all 43 the photographs from the Spring 2020 exhibition.

Here is a conversation between Chong and Photo Gallery Committee chair Charlie Lieberman, ASC concerning one image from each contributing photographer, complete with their respective backstories on the work:

Charlie Lieberman, ASC

The ASC Photo Gallery launched in 2017 with the intention of showcasing other visual work of the some of the top cinematographers in the world. “Many working cinematographers started in still photography, which is true of me and many members who are showing in the Gallery,” says Lieberman. 

Still photography, he adds, “is another artistic expression of creativity for cinematographers. We are constant creators of images. Even when not busy working on a show, we go out and keep making beautiful images in our spare time.” 

The ASC Photo Gallery is an extension of this, Lieberman says. “The exhibitions are a great way to showcase that the expression of artistry and creativity is somewhat boundless. Many of us can’t help but do it. It’s an automatic reflex that we capture some form of beauty when we see it.”

The Society plans to reschedule the physical presentation of the ASC Photo Gallery at the Clubhouse when possible. Until then, Lieberman proposes, “please enjoy the pictures.” 

Large-format museum-quality prints and custom portfolios of images from previous ASC Photo Gallery exhibits can be purchased from the ASC Store here.


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