New Edition of ASC Photo Gallery Opens at Clubhouse

Participating photographer Robert Primes, ASC raises a glass in celebration.

On Saturday, September 9, the second edition of the ASC Photo Gallery exhibit opened at the historic ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood, featuring outstanding images created by contributing Society members. 

Attendees packed the house and were treated to an diverse array of work that celebrates and documents unique environments — often suggesting a distinct narrative. Some are more traditional landscapes, while others take note of unique human interaction within the given space.

The nine participating photographers in this all-new show were ASC members Antonio CalvacheRichard CrudoFred ElmesDenis LenoirCharlie LiebermanKarl-Walter LindenlaubSuki MedencevicSteven B. Poster and Robert Primes

ASC President Kees van Oostrum is flanked by ASC members Fred Elmes and David Darby. Elmes has five images in the show, while Darby had his work presented in the previous Gallery collection.

The representative 45 images — five from each contributor — were curated by Paris Chong, manager of the Leica Gallery LA.

Lieberman not only coordinated the previous ASC Photo Gallery show — held at the Clubhouse on March 18, with images available at the ASC Store — but personally printed all the photos on display, working closely alongside his fellow photographers to make sure their work looked exactly right on opening night. 

Contributing photographer — and ICG President — Steven B. Poster, ASC (right) and a guest.

“Originally, we thought our first show’s theme was ‘portraits’ and this second one would be ‘landscapes,’ but I like to think of them as ‘faces’ and ‘places,’” says Lieberman. “These categories aren’t so mutually exclusive or restrictive; often we see subjects in their environment, so it may not technically be a pure portrait image. Conversely, people are often key components to a landscape and help define the space.”

Charlie Lieberman, ASC and a favorite of his five images in the show.

The ASC Photo Gallery will be in place for the next few weeks and is open to the public, but visitors must first RSVP to [email protected]. The show is scheduled to be open through the end of September.

Museum-quality prints and custom box sets of images are available for purchase at the Clubhouse will soon be via the ASC Store.

From left, ASC members Karl-Walter Lindenlaub and Richard Crudo, who both contributed five photos to the 45-image showcase.

A third ASC Photo Gallery show is already in the works, and will take place in the spring of 2018.

This edition of the ASC Photo Gallery was lit with overhead LED units by LiteGear, providing a soft, even illumination.

Here's a sampling of images from each of the participating ASC cinematographers:

Antonio Calvache

Richard Crudo

Fred Elmes

Denis Lenoir

Charlie Lieberman

Karl-Walter Lindenlaub

 Suki Medencevic

Steven B. Poster

Robert Primes

You can order prints from the ASC Photo Gallery collections right here


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