Election Results Shape New ASC Board of Governors

The 15-person body will formally meet for first time on May 18 to elect 2024-’25 officers.

ASC Staff

Annual elections were recently held by the American Society of Cinematographers to determine new leadership for the 105-year-old Society founded in 1919. The results were announced on evening of April 15 with five new additions to the Board of Governors selected to assume the seats of the five who have termed out, as well as a new set of five Alternate Members.

The Governors-elect set to serve three-year terms are Natasha Braier, Tommy Maddox-Upshaw, Erik Messerschmidt, M. David Mullen and Cynthia Pusheck.

Only Pusheck has previously served on the ASC Board.

Governors continuing their terms are Patrick Cady, Michael Goi, Shelly Johnson (currently the ASC President), Patti Lee, Charlie Lieberman, Karl-Walter Lindenlaub, Charles Minsky, Lowell Peterson, Eric Steelberg and Mandy Walker.

Elected as Alternate Members of the Board — and ranked in order of their vote count — are Russell Carpenter, Ernest Dickerson, Dejan Georgevich, Christopher Chomyn and Richard P. Crudo. They participate in official Board business — in this order, as needed — to ensure a quorum.

The five departing the Board are Steven Fierberg, Lawrence Sher, John Simmons, John Toll and Amy Vincent.

On May 6, the five new electees and five new alternates will join the current board for a meeting to establish procedures.

On May 18 the newly formed 2024-’25 Board will assemble at the ASC Clubhouse to elect officers, completing the process of forming a Society leadership to govern for the next year. The results will be announced soon after.

The complete ASC Roster can be found here.

There are currently 452 active ASC members, consisting of esteemed cinematographers who have national roots in some 20 countries.

There are also 282 ASC associate members representing invaluable ancillary segments of the industry that support the work of cinematographers.

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