Cinematographer and photography mentor John Simmons, ASC.

Photography Exhibit by John Simmons, ASC at ArcLight Hollywood

David E. Williams


One year in the making, photographic offerings by Emmy-winning cinematographer John Simmons, ASC and students from Belmont High School in Los Angeles will be exhibited at the ArcLight Hollywood theater through November 8.

The exhibit features a fusion of Simmons' archival images from his days as a teen street photographer with selections from his current portfolio, including poignant captures showcasing the layers of childhood and family.

Cinematographer and photography mentor John Simmons, ASC.
Cinematographer and photography mentor John Simmons, ASC.

Simmons' photographs serve as a divine pairing with the students from Belmont High as they present their own images of the kids and teens of Los Angeles.

An artistic appearance in the ArcLight has a profound impact upon the students. "I felt voiceless before I started this program and now people can finally hear me," stated a graduate of the photo program that has served inner city teens for the past 10 years. "I just never expected them to hear me in the ArcLight."

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