Rachel Morrison, ASC Curates Society’s Instagram 

One of the most recent additions to the ASC membership roster, discusses her work, creative process and inspirations.

David E. Williams

Rachel Morrison, ASC

One of the most recent additions to the American Society of Cinematographers active membership roster is Rachel Morrison, ASC, whose work was most recently seen in such features as Dope and Cake and the HBO production Confirmation.

This week, she began a tenure of guest curating the ASC’s Instagram account, taking over for Dana Gonzales, ASC. They were preceded by Society members including Dan Mindel, Shelly Johnson, Seamus McGarvey, Reed Morano and David Klein. 

This rotating Instagram stewardship is coordinated by Eric Steelberg, ASC, who finds a new volunteer curator each month to discuss their work, creative process and inspirations.

“When asked to host this feed, I said no,” Morrison admitted in her first Instagram entry. “Three times. I look at all the astounding work [on this page] spanning decades — stills from so many of the films that inspired me — and its hard to feel like I have much to add to the conversation when I’m really just at the start of my journey. But Eric persisted and so I’ve decided to face my insecurities head on. Let’s call this a visual therapy session; what inspired me, what I’m proud of, what I wish I had done differently… Hopefully this feed will feel unique in its own way.”

In her first posts, Morrison discussed her camerawork in the features Little Accidents, Fruitvale Station and Sound Of My Voice.

You can follow Morrison’s month-long ASC Instagram journey right here.

Morrison (center) and her crew ready to shoot coverage with actress Jennifer Aniston during the production of the drama Cake.

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