Russell Carpenter Curates the ASC Instagram

The cinematographer’s discussion started with a weeklong retrospective on Titanic

Samantha Dillard

Russell Carpenter, ASC.

Russell Carpenter, ASC will curate the Society’s Instagram account throughout the month of November. The account is curated each month by a different member to discuss their inspirations and experiences, and the page is coordinated by Eric Steelberg, ASC.

Carpenter — who has shot films including True Lies, The Negotiator and Ant-Man — won the 1997 Best Cinematography Academy Award and ASC Award for his work on Titanic and was the recipient of the 2018 ASC Lifetime Achievement Award.

In his introductory post, Carpenter said, “I have lots to share… some about the work… some about the path… and some about the things I do to grow and stay sane about the work.” The cinematographer then promised a first week dedicated to his “most iconic” project: Titanic. He has shared behind-the-scenes images of the infamous set during construction, among other topics.

In addition to his work in film and television, Carpenter is also an accomplished still photographer, and his work has appeared in the ASC Photo Gallery 2017 Spring Exhibition.

Carpenter’s upcoming credits include James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water and Avatar: The Seed Bearer, slated for release in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

You can read more about Carpenter here. You can follow his personal Instagram account here.

Recently, the ASC Instagram page has been moderated by new member Tim Ives, associate member Jay Holben and members Matthew Libatique, Christopher Probst, Dana Gonzales, David Klein, Dan Mindel, Reed Morano, and Rachel Morrison.

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