Participants in the 2023 6BW event, including ASC members John Simmons (second row, second from right) and Kira Kelly (third row, second from left).

Society Members to Attend 600 Black Women Camera Cookout

Kicking off June 21 in Atlanta, event will feature lighting, lens and camera workshops and an ASC panel discussion.

David E. Williams

Founded in 2022 by cinematographer and camera operator Chris Wairegi, the 600 Black Women collective brings together the 102 female people of color who belonging to Local 600, including directors of photography, unit photographers, operators, camera assistants, DITs and other production professionals.

Their stated mission “is to empower guild members through education, opportunities and community as to pave the way for a more inclusive film industry for all people.”

Wairegi adds, “We believe a rising tide lifts all boats and we intend to use our platform and influence to better the arts for all those who come after us. The Cookout events include lectures with Q&A featuring industry trendsetters, classes instructed by expert camera people, demonstrations with highly technical and sophisticated film gear, social networking cocktail hours, and community-oriented activities.”

6BW founder Chris Wairegi.

A highlight of the 6BW weekend is the ASC cinematographers panel, where they participate in a discussion moderated by a collective member and take audience questions. “Last year, 600 Black Women enjoyed the company of Kira Kelly, ASC; Tommy Maddox-Upshaw, ASC; and Johnny Simmons, ASC,” says Wairegi. “The ASC’s participation creates a bridge between some of the nation’s greatest cinematographers and those who are working towards being one themselves. 6BW is honored to have Kira Kelly within its membership as well as the ASC, and we hope to see more follow in her footsteps.”

ASC members scheduled to participate this year to share their experience and expertise with 6BW are Darren Genet, Richard Vialet, Rodney Taylor and William Wages.

You can learn much more about 600 Black Women, its mission and its members here.

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