RoboCop (1987) / Jost Vacano, ASC

Episode #56

RoboCop (1987) / Jost Vacano, ASC

The cinematographer discusses his expert camerawork on this brutal sci-fi satire directed by Paul Verhoeven.

American Cinematographer contributor Iain Marcks talks with cinematographer Jost Vacano, ASC about his work on the brutal sci-fi satire RoboCop (1987), directed by Paul Verhoeven. 

Verhoeven (left) and Vacano plan their next shot as actor Ronny Cox — playing nefarious OCP executive Dick Jones — stands by.

The cinematographer breaks down his visual approach, his careful use of the subjective camera, the withholding of a full shot of the RoboCop character until late in the film, and his use of a custom-built handheld camera rig.

Actor Peter Weller in an exceptional makeup supervised by Rob Bottin.

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