Clubhouse Conversations — Expats

In this episode, cinematographer Anna Franquesa-Solano, AEC and director Lulu Wang are joined by interviewer Nancy Schreiber, ASC to discuss their work on Expats — the drama miniseries, based on Janice Y. K. Lee’s 2016 novel The Expatriates, which examines the lavish lifestyles of expatriates living in Hong Kong.

Expats follows the lives of three American women — Margaret Woo (Nicole Kidman), Hilary Starr (Sarayu Blue) and Mercy Cho (Ji-young Yoo) — living in Hong Kong in the aftermath of a tragedy. Franquesa-Solano and Wang reunited to collaborate on the production, following their work together on Wang's acclaimed 2019 feature The Farewell.

In this interview, Franquesa-Solano and Wang discuss their decision to shoot the show with minimal coverage; their approach to shooting rainy exteriors; their experience shooting on locations throughout Hong Kong; what informed their lens and lighting choices; and more.

Anna Franquesa-Solano, AEC is a cinematographer whose works include The Farewell (2019), Venus by Water (2021) and Singing on the Rooftops (2022).

Lulu Wang is a writer, director and producer whose works include the features Posthumous (2014) and The Farewell (2019), as well as the short films Pisces (2005), Fishing the Gulf (2006), Can-Can (2007), Touch (2015) and Nian (2021).

Nancy Schreiber, ASC is an award-winning cinematographer whose credits include the features Your Friends & Neighbors (1998), November (2004) and Mapplethorpe (2018), and TV series P-Valley, The Comeback and Better Things.

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