Clubhouse Conversations — Flamin' Hot

Editors' note: In-depth coverage of cinematographer Federico Cantini, ADF's work on Flamin' Hot is featured in American Cinematographer's June 2023 issue. Read the full story here — and learn more here about how to subscribe to the industry's leading journal of motion-picture production techniques.

In this episode, cinematographer Federico Cantini, ADF and director Eva Longoria are joined by interviewer Suki Medenčević, ASC, ASBiH, SAS to discuss their work on Flamin’ Hot — the comedic drama based on the life of Richard Montañez, who rose from janitor to executive at Frito-Lay and helped the company develop its famous spicy Cheetos for an underserved Latino market.

Flamin' Hot follows the personal and professional journey of Richard Montañez (Jesse Garcia) — from his childhood at a Guasti, Calif. work. camp in the 1960s, to his turbulent time hustling on the streets of '70s East Los Angeles, to his career-defining years spent working at Frito-Lay's factory in Rancho Cucamonga in the '80s and '90s. The film marks Longoria's feature directorial debut, as well as her first collaboration with Cantini, who graduated from the ASC Master Class program in 2016.

In this interview, Cantini and Longoria discuss how they worked together in prep to manage their tight shooting schedule; how they differentiated each of time periods depicted in the film with specific lens choices; how they built and lit the production's large factory set; how they used color to best complement the story and main character, and more.

Federico Cantini, ADF is a cinematographer whose credits include the features Give or Take (2020), El Estudiante (2011) and the short film Sleep Walk.

Eva Longoria is an actor, producer and director whose directing credits include the series Why Women Kill, Jane the Virgin and Black-ish.

Suki Medenčević, ASC, ASBiH, SAS is a cinematographer whose credits include the features The Great Water (for which he was nominated for the Camerimage Golden Frog award and won the València-Cinema del Mediterrani Best Cinematography award) and Bal-Can-Can, and the series Them and Shining Vale.

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