2018 ASC Open House - Unveiling Toland’s Mitchell BNC

The 2018 ASC Open House took place on February 10 at the historic ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood. 

The main speaker is ASC President Kees van Oostrum, introduced by AC managing editor Jon Witmer. 

The 1935-vintage Mitchell BNC camera revealed here — with the serial number "BNC 2" — was used by Gregg Toland, ASC to shoot Citizen Kane (1941) and many other classic films. It was was donated to the ASC Museum by director-cinematographer James A. Contner, whose father — J. Burgi Contner, ASC — owned BNC 2 and used it to shoot numerous TV series and commercials. 

Open-House-Toland.jpg?mtime=20180211132918#asset:57999Photo by Richard Crudo, ASC

BNC 2 was restored to as-new condition by the ASC. The camera was unveiled by Argentine cinematographer Natasha Braier (The Neon Demon), who recently joined the ASC. 

A special commemorative BNC 2 T-shirt is available here.

Shot by Michael Goi, ASC and David E. Williams /Edited  by Mat Newman 

The ASC Open House was sponsored by Keslow Camera.