Car Commercial Lighting - Onstage Demo

Working onstage with a 1/6-scale car, Bennett goes step-by-step through his process for lighting and shooting a 3/4-front hero shot. (7:05)

In this series of instructional videos, Bill Bennett, ASC draws on his wealth of experience shooting car commercials to take viewers step-by-step through his process of lighting a car onstage for a hero shot. Along the way, he also offers a number of tips, tricks and techniques to bear in mind when shooting cars on location.

  1. Intro to Car Commercials
  2. Onstage Demo
  3. Interview

This seminar was presented for the Cinematography Fellows of the American Film Institute, and we thank the AFI for allowing our cameras to document the class. Thanks also to The Mole-Richardson Co. for hosting the seminar at its Hollywood stage.