Reed Morano, ASC: Deciding to Direct

Morano explains why she decided to also photograph Meadowland and what implications that had for the production, especially in dealing with her cast and being in tune with their performances. She also discusses her status as a role model for other filmmakers. (4:01)

  1. Getting Started
  2. Deciding to Direct
  3. Conceiving Meadowland
  4. Shooting & Directing a Film
  5. Using DIs
  6. Establishing a Look
  7. Examining Meadowland Clip
  8. Working with Actors
  9. Q&A Part 1
  10. Q&A Part 2
  11. Q&A Part 3

The ASC Breakfast Club is a series of in-depth interviews conducted in front of a live audience in the Society's historic Clubhouse. ASC members share their inspirations and experiences while analyzing their own work and offering an informative look at their decision-making process.

2015 Breakfast Club participants: Michael GoiReed MoranoJohn SealeRoberto SchaeferDariusz Wolski and Checco Varese & Patricia Riggen.