​The Emotional Quotient - Drama or Romance

A single key source with minimal fill and practical lights (4:37)

Cinematographer Jack Green, ASC demonstrates how lighting shapes the way an audience perceives a scene emotionally.  Green lights one simple scenario four different ways:

  1. For heavy drama/horror 
  2. For drama/romance  
  3. For romantic comedy 
  4. For light and bright comedy 

To put together the lighting for the demonstration, Green works with his regular gaffer Mark Vuille and key grip Charles Saldana. Click here for his introduction to the series.  

The behind-the-scenes section gives an extraordinary glimpse into the way these long-time collaborators communicate and support one another.

Special thank you to the following companies:

16x9 • Coffey Sound • Mole-Richardson

A special thanks goes out to the following individuals: 

John Simmons, ASC