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AAdynTech Unveils G5 Series

Updated versions of the Punch Daylight, Jab Hurricane and Jab Daylight offer greater capability and efficiency.

ASC Staff

AAdynTech has released the G5 series, comprising updated versions of the Punch Daylight, Jab Hurricane and Jab Daylight LED fixtures.

The G5 Punch Daylight delivers 9,680 fc at 10' while consuming less than 5 amps of power. It is self-contained with a universal power supply, eliminating the need for head cables, ballasts or spare lamps. The fixture can be held with bare hands, and instant “On” ensures no warmup wait time on set. It can be operated in either wired or wireless configuration.

The G5 Jab Hurricane is an all-weather IP65-rated fixture that delivers 3,520 fc at 10' while consuming 1.77 amps at full power; it can also be operated via 28.8-volt DC battery power. It features fan-less convection cooling, facilitating silent operation, and has a Daylight CCT of 5600K. The Hurricane can be controlled manually via local on-board controls, DMX or AAdynTech’s optional wired UIM Digital Remote.

Weighing 19 pounds, the G5 Jab Daylight features a compact footprint that makes it ideal for on-the-go lighting assignments. An output of more than 3,730 fc at 10', combined with a maximum current draw of 1.77 amps at full brightness, means considerable savings in energy usage. The fixture can be operated on 28.8-volt DC battery power.

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