AC May ‘16 Online Articles

Archived articles from American Cinematographer May 2016 (Volume 97, Number 5).

ASC Staff

Volume 97, Number 5

President's Desk
Considering how venerable ASC members foretold the future of technology, and how artistry is the heart of cinematography.

Director of photography Yves Bélanger, CSC and director Jean-Marc Vallée bring their minimalist approach to Demolition, a drama about a man who tears down his life in order to move forward.

Hardcore Henry
Creating a unique first-person POV perspective for the action-thriller Hardcore Henry.

Welles, Toland and Citizen Kane - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE
AC presents an excerpt from a new book about the making of the classic film, which focuses on wunderkind writer-director-producer-star Orson Welles’ relationship with ace cinematographer Gregg Toland, ASC.

ASC Close-Up
Brief interviews with ASC members about their careers and inspirations. This month: David Klein

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The May print edition also includes:

  • The Jungle Book
  • Bloodline
  • Hap and Leonard
  • Containment
  • 30th Annual ASC Awards
  • Everything Will Be Okay
  • Too Late

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