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Airstar Launches Neo Film

Available in three sizes, the inflatable LED fixture can easily be handheld, ground supported or suspended.

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​Available in three sizes, the inflatable LED fixture can easily be handheld, ground supported or suspended.​

Airstar has released Neo Film, the latest addition to its LED range of lighting for film, video and photography applications.

Similar in concept to the company’s other lighting products, Neo Film is also inflated with air; however, it utilizes a contained-pressure system to maintain its tube shape and 240-degree diffusion angle. The balloon can be filled and capped in seconds, saving time during production. 

The smallest Neo Film weighs 1.4 pounds and the largest weighs 3.9 pounds, making it easy to carry or hold for extended periods of time during operation. Optional lithium-ion battery packs make the unit fully portable.

“This light represents a revolutionary reinvention of Airstar’s film products,” says MacKenzie Perez, the company’s executive vice president. “Setup only takes a few minutes, and I anticipate a lot of interest in the mobility of the smaller, battery-powered units. They’re perfect for walk-and-talk applications, in small studio spaces and for short-duration, loosely scripted productions. At the end of the day, we want cinematographers and gaffers spending less time lighting the perfect scene and more time capturing it.” 

Available in lengths of 3.9', 7.2' and 14.4', Neo Film can be handheld, ground supported or suspended. Removable Velcro-backed patches make the standard mounting hardware simple to change and reposition. Mounting options include durable woven handles, Velcro loops and carabiner-style rigging clips. 

The balloon is illuminated by removable, interchangeable Bi-Color or single-color LED patches. Light temperature and intensity can be controlled with an Exalux LEDMaster Pulse controller or via wireless DMX transmitter. Luminous flux ranges from 2,500 lumens to 10,000 lumens (depending on unit size and light temperature) can be digitally configured to precise readings ranging from tungsten (2,200 K) to daylight (6,500 K). 

Nominal power for the smallest unit is 30 watts, and the largest unit needs just 120 watts to operate. 

Neo Film is available for rental and purchase. Components and accessories can be purchased separately or in all-in-one-kits. 

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