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The company announces 8K support for the HDR Image Analyzer, a 12G-SDI OpenGear card and three free software updates. 

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The company announces 8K support for the HDR Image Analyzer, a 12G-SDI OpenGear card and three free software updates.

AJA Video Systems has announced new 8K support for its HDR Image Analyzer 12G and released two new products, the OG-12GDA-2x4 OpenGear 12G-SDI distribution amplifier (pictured above) and v15.5 desktop software for Kona, Io and T-Tap products.

The company has also announced free upgrades for its Ki Pro family of file-based recorders.

The AJA HDR Image Analyzer 12G is a real-time HDR and WCG monitoring and analysis platform developed in partnership with Colorfront. The upcoming, free software release will feature up to 8K/UHD2 HDR monitoring and analysis for high-raster content with 12G-SDI for higher bandwidth workflows with the simplicity of single-cable connectivity.

“Driven widely by 8K advances in Japan and across Asia, there is a growing international demand for powerful production tools that facilitate the creation and delivery of UHD content,” says Nick Rashby, president of AJA Video Systems. “HDR Image Analyzer 12G was developed to support higher bandwidth content and provide customers with pinpoint color accuracy, and the addition of 8K support will power the highest resolution workflows as 8K adoption advances across the industry.” 

Priced at $19,995, the HDR Image Analyzer 12G will be available soon through AJA’s worldwide reseller network.

The AJA OG-12GDA-2x4, an OpenGear 12G-SDI distribution amplifier, features support for HDR video and Ross DashBoard software for remote monitoring.

Designed for critical broadcast, OB truck and live-event production environments, the OG-12GDA-2x4 features dual-channel inputs for incoming 12G-SDI signals, with re-clocking of the distributed signals to dual 4x 12G-SDI outputs. In an AJA OG-X-FR OpenGear frame, this facilitates up to 20x 12G-SDI inputs distributed to a total of 80x 12G-SDI outputs when fully loaded with 10 cards.

The OG-12GDA-2x4 features compatibility with OGX, OG3 and DFR-8321 OpenGear frames, as well as DashBoard software support on Windows, macOS and Linux for flexible device control and monitoring over a local network or remotely.

“We strive to provide our customers with powerful, new technologies for more flexible and failsafe workflows,” says Rashby. “We’re excited to introduce the OG-12GDA-2x4, our first 12G-SDI OpenGear card, to seamlessly integrate into higher bandwidth 12G-SDI workflows that support higher resolution, large raster content at higher framerates — with less cabling.”

The OG-12GDA-2x4 will list for $695 and will be available in December through AJA’s worldwide reseller network. Free DashBoard software is currently available for download from the support page on AJA’s website.

AJA’s Desktop Software v15.5 for Kona, Io and T-Tap features additional functionality for both HDR and 8K workflows, plus new performance upgrades. New features include Metal support on macOS and full compatibility with macOS Catalina; HDR over SDI via VPID; and HDR Test Patterns for 8K/UHD2/4K/UHD/2K/HD workflows.

For the Kona 5 PCIe I/O card, the update also adds full 2SI SMPTE raster support for 8K; RGB support for 8K capture and playback; and 8K to 4K downsample via HDMI.

The upgrade introduces new functionality with NLEs, including deeper HDR integration with Avid Media Composer 2019.11 and native 8K or 4K (downsampled from 8K) playback with Adobe Premiere Pro 2020. The update also adds SMPTE ST 2110-40 monitoring via SDI on AJA Io IP and Avid Artist DNxIP and AJA NMOS support for multiple devices connected to a single host. 

Desktop Software v15.5 is free and can be downloaded from AJA’s support page.  

AJA’s v1.5 firmware update for Ki Pro Go adds timecode recording and playback, expanded primary and backup recording to all USB ports, and new clip naming and segment recording. The timecode can originate from an incoming SDI video’s RP188 data, be recorded as the time or date, or be specified to start at a specific hour. For playback, timecode values are automatically embedded as RP188 data on Ki Pro Go’s SDI outputs. With the update, backup and primary recording is expanded to all five USB ports, providing users with increased flexibility to choose their desired recording destination. 

Ki Pro Ultra Plus v5.0 introduces a new Infinite Recording feature that automatically captures all footage, providing the ability to run as an always running backup recorder. Infinite Recording mode includes automatic formatting and rollover to both AJA Pak Media slots for uninterrupted recording, so there is no downtime when one drive fills up. 

Both free firmware updates will be made available on AJA’s support page soon.

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