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Aputure Announces 4 Solutions

The Electro Storm XT26, Electro Storm CS15, F14 Fresnel and Spotlight Max will be available later this year.

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Aputure has announced the Electro Storm XT26, the Electro Storm CS15, the F14 Fresnel and the Spotlight Max.

The Electro Storm XT26 is a 2,600-watt point-source LED fixture with dynamic white CCT and tint control. It features dual accessory mounts (Bowens and electronic A-mount), advanced liquid-cooling technology and an IP65 dust- and water-resistant construction. The Electro Storm XT26 approaches the brightness of industry-standard 12K tungsten Fresnels and 4K HMIs.

The Electro Storm CS15 is a 1,500-watt full-color point-source LED fixture. It features dual accessory mounts (Bowens and electronic A- mount), high-SSI color quality (SSI tungsten 89+/SSI D56 86+), and an IP65 dust- and water-resistant construction. The fixture is bright enough to be comparable to industry-standard 1,800-watt HMIs.

Connectivity options for both Electro Storm fixtures include the Sidus Link app, wireless DMX via the latest LumenRadio TimoTwo CRMX chipset, Art-net and sACN via etherCON, and 16-bit 5-Pin DMX512 In and Out.

The F14 Fresnel (pictured above) is an electronic A-Mount Fresnel modifier with a 14"-diameter lens and a motorized, 18- to 45-degree spot-flood beam-angle range. Designed for the Electro Storm CS15 and XT26, the F14 Fresnel optimizes and amplifies the light output, providing remote adjustability and the light quality only achievable with large Fresnels. Users can further shape the light and reduce spill from the Fresnel using the included barn doors. The beam angle can be adjusted remotely via DMX controls or the Sidus Link app (capability coming in a future update).

The Spotlight Max is a Bowens Mount projection-lens modifier designed to control high-output Bowens Mount point-source fixtures. Available in 19-, 36- and 50-degree lens options, the Spotlight Max covers a wide range of light-projection needs. Internal shutters enable sharp cuts and precision lighting control. The optional, dual-layer Spotlight Max Iris can hone the shape and size of the fixture’s illumination circle without needing to swap projection lenses. Also featured is a Rotatable Gobo Holder compatible with the included A-size and B- Size steel or glass gobos.

Aputure will release all four solutions in the fourth quarter of 2023. Pricing will be announced at that time.

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