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Arri Announces Alexa 35 Live-Multicam System

The system combines the Alexa 35 Live camera, the Live Production System LPS-1 (comprising a fiber camera adapter and fiber base station), the Skaarhoj RCP and a variety of bespoke accessories.

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Arri has announced the Alexa 35 Live-Multicam System.

Designed to integrate seamlessly into existing live-production environments, the solution provides the full functionality of a system camera while retaining the flexibility of a dockable camera setup. It combines the Alexa 35 Live camera, the Live Production System LPS-1 (comprising a fiber camera adapter and fiber base station), the Skaarhoj RCP and a variety of bespoke accessories, including Arri Touchdown base and receiver plates, an adjustable monitor yoke, an extra-long camera handle and an Arri Large-Lens Adapter for rapid setup with box lenses.

The camera’s Super 35-sized 4K sensor enables shallow depth of field and captures 17 stops of dynamic range. Colors are rendered through Arri’s proprietary Reveal Color Science. Low-light scenes display minimal noise, and highlights roll off in a film-like way.

Full-quality ProRes can be recorded in camera, providing flexibility in post. In-camera recording also permits standalone operation of the camera, without the fiber camera adapter. The modular lens mount can be switched between LPL, PL, EF and B4. Alexa 35 Live owners can upgrade to full Alexa 35 functionality via an optional Cine License.

Arri Look Files can define a unique image character through specially developed Multicam Looks. One of 87 pre-made looks from the built-in Look Library can be activated at the push of a button. Arri Textures offers the ability to modify grain and contrast. The camera includes five multi-cam and eight cine-style Arri Textures.

The fiber camera adapter of the Alexa 35 Live-Multicam System attaches to the camera easily, and the fiber base station integrates into the engineering room or OB vehicle, supporting multiple simultaneous outputs such as HD, UHD, progressive or interlaced video.3. Connecting them is a SMPTE 311 hybrid fiber cable that includes copper connections to supply up to 400 watts of power for the camera and accessories. The hybrid cable also allows uncompressed 4K video transmission over a distance of 1.2 miles. Tactical-fiber cable lengths of up to 6.2 miles can be used if the camera is powered locally.

An additional extra fiber tunnel and Ethernet tunnel increase the system’s flexibility. Connectivity options on the fiber base station include four return inputs and 15 simultaneous SDI outputs for 3G, 6G, and 12G in single, dual or quad link, as well as SMPTE 2110 IP. The base station also supplies a redundant 2022-7 network and hot-swappable, redundant power supplies.

The system can support a variety of established remote-control panels, but the recommended tool is the Skaarhoj RCP Pro Arri V2B, which combines classical RCP handling with a fully customizable interface. By using Arri’s Camera Access Protocol, the Skaarhoj RCP enables traditional live painting as well as full control over camera settings, including frame rate, REC start/stop, playback, selection of looks and setup files.

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