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Arri Introduces Hi-5 SX

The single-axis hand unit for wireless camera and lens control will be available to order July 1 and will begin shipping in October.

ASC Staff

Arri has introduced the single-axis Hi-5 SX hand unit for wireless camera and lens control.

Sharing the Hi-5 form factor, the Hi-5 SX is comfortable to hold and operate; its large display is easy to read; and the intuitive touchscreen interface is based on a camera GUI. Arri offers swappable radio modules for the Hi-5 and Hi-5 SX, enabling users to choose the best module for any shooting location or to conform to different regional frequency regulations.

Compatible with all existing Hi-5 licenses (such as the Cinefade, Red camera control and Focusbug licenses), the unit can also be upgraded with two new software licenses: the Hi-5 SX Plus License, which enables lens mapping, Custom Smart Ring creation, six additional user buttons and more; and the Hi-5 SX All-Axis License, which enables simultaneous use of the knob, slider and force pad for three-axis lens control, as well as complete display information, Aux2 axis and full virtual T-stop and focal-length features. Once both licenses are installed, the Hi-5 SX becomes functionally indistinguishable from the Hi-5.

Users of the Hi-5 SX with no additional licenses installed can choose between the knob, slider or force pad to control a single lens axis, whether focus, iris or zoom.

The Hi-5 SX features a rugged housing that is sealed, dustproof and weatherproof. Arri-branded batteries based on the NP-L interface can be hot-swapped without powering the unit down, and their remaining capacity is indicated on the display screen.

The Arri Hi-5 SX will be available to order July 1 and will begin shipping in October. It will replace Arri’s SXU-1 single-axis hand unit, which will be phased out.

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