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Blackmagic Design Rolls Out DaVinci Resolve 18

The company also announced new Cloud and HyperDeck solutions.

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The company also announced new Cloud and HyperDeck solutions.

Blackmagic Design has announced DaVinci Resolve 18, a cloud-collaboration update that allows multiple editors, colorists, VFX artists and audio engineers to work simultaneously on the same project on the same timeline anywhere in the world.

DaVinci Resolve 18 public beta is now available for download.

The update supports the Blackmagic Cloud for hosting and sharing projects, as well as a new DaVinci proxy workflow. It  also includes new Resolve FX AI tools powered by the DaVinci Neural Engine, as well as time-saving tools for editors, Fairlight legacy fixed bus to FlexBus conversion, and GPU-accelerated paint in Fusion.

Users can host project libraries using Blackmagic Cloud and collaborate with multiple parties on the same timeline in real time. The new Blackmagic Proxy Generator App automatically creates and manages proxies from camera originals. Customers can switch between camera original footage and proxies in a single click. 

DaVinci Resolve 18 also features new tools for colorists, including a new object mask that is able to recognize and track the movement of thousands of unique objects. The DaVinci Neural Engine intuitively isolates animals, vehicles, people and food, among other elements, for advanced secondary grading and effects application. The “ultra beauty” tool gives users advanced control over a subject when performing corrective beauty work; developed with professional colorists, the tool helps to address general imperfections by smoothing skin and then recovering detail to produce natural and complimentary results.

Blackmagic Design has also announced Cloud Store, Cloud Store Mini, Cloud Pod, HyperDeck Extreme 4K HDR and HyperDeck Shuttle HD.

Cloud Store is a network-storage solution with four 10G Ethernet connections and a parallel memory core that can sustain maximum possible transfer speeds on each 10G Ethernet port all at the same time.

Specifically designed for the requirements of the motion-picture industry, Cloud Store will be available in Q2 2022 and will list for $9,595.

Cloud Store Mini is a network-storage solution with the performance of 4 M.2 flash memory in a RAID 0 configuration. Featuring a built-in 10G Ethernet, the Cloud Store Mini allows multiple users to collaborate on video editing in software such as DaVinci Resolve. 

Cloud Store Mini is available now and lists for $2,995.

Cloud Pod lets customers use any USB-C disk as network storage. Features include high-speed 10G Ethernet and Dropbox sync, so customers can cache files locally and share them with everyone on their network, as well as an HDMI monitoring output for a real-time view of network storage status.

Cloud Pod is available now and lists for $395.

HyperDeck Extreme 4K HDR is a broadcast deck with H.265 4K recording featuring a touchscreen user interface with built-in scopes and HDR screen.

HyperDeck Extreme 4K HDR is available now and lists for $2,995.

HyperDeck Shuttle HD is a recorder/player designed for use on the desktop as an on-demand media player. It supports recording and playback for ProRes, DNx and H.264 files as well as PCM or AAC audio. 

HyperDeck Shuttle HD is available now and lists for $495.

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