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Kino Flo Releases Mimik 120

The full-spectrum image-based lighting tile can synchronize to an XR volume to provide foreground lighting.

ASC Staff

Kino Flo has released the Mimik 120 lighting tile, a full-spectrum image-based fixture that can synchronize to an XR volume to provide foreground lighting.

The 7,200-pixel, 10-pitch lighting tile converts a three-color RGB video pixel into a five-color pixel consisting of RGB, 2,700K and 6,500K phosphor-white LEDs; the five-color pixel ensures better tonal and color reproduction of foreground elements.

The carbon-fiber tile is 2'x4' and weighs 27 pounds. It can be used as an individual fixture, or multiples can be interlocked and assembled as a wall or ceiling. The Mimik 120 operates at a high frequency, enabling camera speeds of up to 960 fps.

The system is not dependent on the processors used for the volume. It can synchronize to the volume’s video signal using the MegaPixel VR Helios processor. It can operate gen-locked to the camera.

The Helios processer can also offer multiple alpha channels per frame such as a background plate, a greenscreen, a camera-tracking channel and an alternate background plate that can be seen by another camera. The Mimik/Helios-processing system allows for separate color timing in post of the background to the foreground.

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