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Colorfront Shipping Transkoder 2019

Featuring the HDR GUI and 8KHDR workflow, the system supports the latest camera/editorial formats.

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Featuring the HDR GUI and 8KHDR workflow, the system supports the latest camera/editorial formats.

Colorfront is now shipping Transkoder 2019.

Powered by a re-engineered version of Colorfront Engine and featuring the HDR GUI and 8KHDR workflow, Transkoder 2019 supports the latest camera/editorial formats, including Apple ProRes Raw, Blackmagic Raw, Arri Alexa LF/Alexa Mini LF and Codex HDE. 

“8K TV sets are becoming bigger and more affordable, and people are genuinely awestruck when they see 8K camera footage presented on an 8K HDR display,” says Aron Jaszberenyi, managing director of Colorfront. “We are actively working with several companies originating 8K HDR content. Transkoder’s new 8K capabilities — across on-set, post and mastering — demonstrate that 8K HDR is perfectly accessible to an even wider range of content creators.”

Transkoder’s toolset has been further expanded to support Dolby Vision 4.0 and Dolby Atmos for the home with IMF and Immersive Audio Bitstream capabilities. The new Subtitle Engine 2.0 supports CineCanvas and IMSC 1.1 rendering, ensuring the preservation of content, timing, layout and styling.

Transkoder can now also package multiple subtitle-language tracks into the timeline of an IMP. Further features support fast and efficient audio QC, including Solo/Mute of individual tracks on the timeline, and a new render strategy for IMF packages that enables independent audio and video rendering.

At this year’s NAB Show, Colorfront also showcased enhancements to its On-Set Dailies and Express Dailies products. Both now feature support for ProRes Raw, Blackmagic Raw, Arri Alexa LF/Alexa Mini LF and Codex HDE. As with Transkoder 2019, the new version of On-Set Dailies supports real-time 8K HDR workflow to create a streamlined set-to-post pipeline from HDR playback through QC and rendering HDR deliverables.

Colorfront recently worked with AJA Video Systems to develop AJA FS-HDR 3.0, a firmware update that introduces enhanced coloring tools and several other improvements. A new, integrated Colorfront Engine Film Mode offers an ACES-based grading and look-creation toolset with ASC CDL controls, built-in Look selection (including film-emulation looks), and variable Output Mastering Nit Levels for PQ, HLG Extended and P3 colorspace clamp.

Since launching in 2018, FS-HDR has been used on a range of productions, including Top Gun: Maverick, shot by Claudio Miranda ASC.

Colorfront also announced it is partnering with Pomfort to integrate their respective HDR-capable on-set systems. This collaboration, harnessing Colorfront Engine, will include live CDL reading in ACES pipelines between Colorfront On-Set/Express Dailies and Pomfort LiveGrade Pro, giving productions better control of HDR images while simplifying on-set color, workflow and dailies processes. 

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