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Creamsource Expands Vortex Line

The Vortex4 Soft, Vortex8 Soft and Vortex24 are available for pre-order and will ship this summer.

ASC Staff

Creamsource is expanding its Vortex line with the Vortex8 Soft, Vortex4 Soft and Vortex24.

The Vortex Softs are high-output soft panels designed with the same RRGBBW color engine, build-quality and user interface familiar to Vortex users. They marry efficiency with 650 watts (V8S) or 325 watts (V4S) of output, allowing for both flat-panel diffuser and open-face configurations.

The IP65-rated Vortex Softs can be mixed with Vortex8 and Vortex4 hard panels — using LNX, Creamsource Multi Yokes and other mounting systems — to create scalable and diverse arrays, such as checkerboard Creamsource Hard/Soft patterns. This mix-and-match capability enables a fine balance between intensity and softness, enhancing dynamic controls to achieve the desired lighting effect for any scene.

The Vortex24 provides 1,950 watts of firepower with a 20-degree beam angle. It offers 24 pixel zones, allowing for maximum resolution and creative control for complex lighting effects. Its larger form factor simplifies rigging and reduces the need for multiple units when rigging to an Elevated Work Platform or Condor.

The Vortex24 includes a “house power” setting for 15A circuit operation, a built-in ballast, and dual Ethernet ports with a built-in Gigabit switch. It enables swift swaps of diffusers and accessories with a front latch system and includes a medium flat diffuser for immediate light softening.

CreamOS is integrated into all three of the new solutions.

The Vortex Softs and Vortex24 can be pre-ordered now and will ship in summer 2024.

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