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DoPChoice Introduces Solutions for Arri SkyPanel X

A dedicated SnapBag, SnapGrid and SnapBox Snoot are now available.

ASC Staff

DoPChoice has unveiled three solutions for the Arri SkyPanel X: a SnapBag, a SnapGrid and a SnapBox Snoot.

The dedicated SnapBag for the SkyPanel X attaches to the front of the fixture without hardware. Different effects are created by using it with or without the X21 Dome. Even more looks can be achieved by applying the Half Grid Cloth and Magic Cloth diffusion included with the SnapBag. DoPChoice Rabbit Ears (sold separately) enable mounting other SnapBags to the X21, including the Lantern and Octagonals in 3', 5' and 7' diameters.

The SnapGrid for the SkyPanel X attaches directly to the front of the fixture and goes over the Hyper Optic; it can also be used in combination with the Dome to provide 30-degree directional light free of side spill.

The SnapBox Snoot provides spill-light protection from all sides in Open Face, Dome or Hyper Optic mode. Straight-walled, this rigid fabric light director is 7.5" deep and quickly fits the fixture via elastic corners. The SnapGrid can be attached directly to the Snoot.

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