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Dynamic Releases DBA-1

The Dynamic Bridge Adapter for the Arri Alexa Mini LF Ready-to-Shoot Kit is the sub-rental company’s first product solution.

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The Dynamic Bridge Adapter for the Arri Alexa Mini LF Ready-to-Shoot Kit is the sub-rental company's first product solution.

Dynamic has released the DBA-1 (Dynamic Bridge Adapter) for Arri Alexa Mini LF Ready-to-Shoot Kits. 

Dynamic designed and manufactured the solution after many camera-rental houses reported difficulties in adopting the Mini LF Ready-to-Shoot Kit into established ecosystems of equipment. The kit does not natively support the use of a stand-alone bridge plate, and adapting a Mini LF for use with a BP-8 or BP-9 requires plates that are not included in the kit. 

Zachary Hunter, Dynamic’s senior technician and head of product design, notes, “When the Mini LF was released as a bundle with various support accessories, the community had to integrate and adopt the new standards imposed by these accessories. Seeking a way to unify our kits so that they could be easily used in any configuration the client needed, I wanted a simple solution — one that reduced the number of parts needed and required no assembly in the middle of shooting.” 

Conversions from the CBP-1 or 2 with the DBA-1 are as simple as sliding free from the CBP and sliding onto the DBA-1. No reconfiguration is necessary. This allows for a flexible support system when alternating among handheld, specialty rigs and other mounting solutions. The DBA-1 also gives the user 3.5" of the additional slide, making balancing the camera even easier. 

The Dynamic DBA-1 is now included in all Mini LF sub-rental kit orders globally.

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