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Grip Gear Moves Smartphones

Includes an eight-speed electronic tracking slider, a 360-degree panoramic function, and suction cups to support phone in unique positions.

ASC Staff

Grip Gear, a company specializing in motion-picture accessories for smartphones, has launched the Movie Maker system, which includes an eight-speed electronic tracking slider, a 360-degree panoramic function, and suction cups to support a phone in unique positions.

Rhys Bradley, co-founder of Grip Gear, says, “As a former grip in the film industry, I’ve long had a vision of creating a film-set experience in a smaller format for smartphones and other small cams. With the Movie Maker, smartphone users can now create beautiful movie-quality footage … with a set of highly portable tools that can fit in a camera bag.”

Company co-founder Dean Tzembelikos adds, “After three years of development and meticulous attention to detail and quality, we are proud to launch the Movie Maker. It will enhance the video-making experience and bring out the creative juices in everyone.”

The easy-to-use, vibration-free Movie Maker system is compatible with most smartphones and action cameras, as well as a host of other compact cameras. The lightweight system — it weighs only 900g, or about 2 pounds, and can support a phone/camera up to 300g — folds down into a small, backpack-friendly form for easy transport. It comes with two 31cm tracks, and additional tracks are available for extensions. It can plug into a power bank for extended operating times, or two AAA batteries can power the system for up to two hours.

A remote offers control over speed and direction; motor speeds vary from 6mm/minute up to 300mm/minute. A bounce-back feature keeps the Movie Maker in continuous motion — when it reaches the end of its track, it automatically moves back in the opposite direction — and the system can also be used as a manual slider. Convenient ¼" threads allow the Movie Maker to attach to a tripod or suction cup. The system can climb 90 degrees and can operate upside down. When used without tracks, it still enables 360-degree panning.

The Movie Maker will be available through Amazon and directly from Grip Gear for $129. For additional information, visit          


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