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Heads Up on Filmotechnic in 2017

Expanded fleets, arms, flight heads, car mounts, and a headquarters with bigger fabrication facility announced just this year.

David Alexander Willis

The new Filmotechnic Apex head.

Expanded fleets, arms, flight heads, car mounts and a headquarters with bigger fabrication facility announced this year.

After more than 25 years in the business, Academy Award-winning stabilization company Filmotechnic USA continues to improve on their gear while extending their inventory and facilities. The Los Angeles-area flagship building, located in Gardena, recently expanded the company’s specified solutions to an arena with twice the space of previous locations at 11,000 square feet. In addition, to further establish the company nationwide, the HQ will provide support to locations in Atlanta, Detroit and Orlando. 

The Filmotechnic Flight Head 6, premiered this last April at NAB, builds on the previous Flight Head 5 with more advanced electronics to support, literally, every major camera system. The new design offers better control, programmable moves, and customizable image stability. For fast-paced action sequences, a new Filmotechnic Apex Head was also introduced. Each Flight Head model has joystick and hand wheel controls for operation without backlash. 

Filmotechnic has also boosted their selection of Russian Arms to 10 available models nationwide. With three available for lease, the latest Russian Arm 6, flagship of the Filmotechnic lines, is capable of drone-like overhead shots at up to 25 feet. The Russian Arm 6 can be operated while driving at lengths of 15, 18 or 22 feet. They also offer the more lightweight Russian Arm Mini, which can be boxed and shipped directly to locations.

With built-in production necessities like HD monitors and picture recorders, the company has created their fifth Porsche Turbo Cayenne S rig as well as their second Ford Raptor SVT configuration. They also offer Camera Car Systems on the Mercedes ML6.3 AMG, KTM Adventure, and Polaris RZR-Jagged X. Filmotechnic solutions like these have been used on productions including the series Lethal Weapon and the features Taken 2 and Need For Speed.

“We’re all about options,” says Filmotechnic USA Operations Manager Jeanine Wojtanowski, in the press release.  “We understand all the variables in play; from the camera package, how heavy or light, how fast or slow do you want to go? What’s the lens height you’re looking for? You going off-road or racetrack? East Coast or West Coast? We have eight different camera cars, eight different heads and five different cranes to give you the right combination for your shoot.”

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