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LED Volume Stage 6 to Open Aug. 3

The new Toronto facility is the latest collaboration between William F. White International and Pixomondo, who have partnered to build LED volumes across Canada.

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The new Toronto facility is the latest collaboration between William F. White International and Pixomondo, who have partnered to build LED volumes across Canada.

William F. White International, Inc., and Pixomondo will open Stage 6, their second virtual-production LED volume in Toronto, on Aug. 3. Together the two companies have made a multi-year commitment to build such facilities across Canada. 

Stage 6 is a 16,100-square-foot stage with a semi-circular LED volume measuring 62' wide. The stage ceiling consists of four dynamic modular sections, each with the ability to move and angle itself independently or as a single unit. Designed for shorter-duration shoots, Stage 6 also offers training opportunities for content creators who want to explore the potential of virtual production (VP).

“We see VP as an integral part of the future of filmmaking,” says Garin Josey, executive vice president and COO of William F. White International. “This new volume, located in the heart of Toronto, will continue to fuel growth in content creation and provide opportunities for productions of all sizes to utilize this emerging technology. By making this level of investment in VP, we’re positioning ourselves for the future while demonstrating our ongoing commitment to the industry through the creation of new jobs and opportunities in this space.” 

“With this new installation, we will be able to provide VP facilities for producers of a wider range of content, and this will drive broader adoption of this cutting-edge production technique,” adds Jonny Slow, CEO of Pixomondo. “Toronto is one of only a few places in the world where large scale LED volume facilities exist, and we are very proud to have been able to deliver this with Canadian talent and partners, as well as the support of all the government agencies who have helped make the city an attractive physical production hub.” 

Stage 6 is based at Studio City’s recently completed development in the Port Lands district. It will be operated by on-set Pixomondo personnel. The facility was built in collaboration with Brompton Technology, Epic Games, Lenovo, Nvidia and ROE Visual. 

“Our government is committed to the success of Ontario’s film and TV industry, with a focus on increasing production capacity and creating even more jobs in the creative industries as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries. “Developments like Stage 6 will showcase our cutting-edge innovation, attract world-class talent and boost Ontario's competitive status on the global stage.”

“Toronto’s film and TV sector has been thriving and growing over the past few years, and that is thanks to partners like William F. White International and Pixomondo, who are collaborating to bring new technology to our city,” says John Tory, mayor of Toronto.

William F. White International and Pixomondo’s next LED volume is slated for completion by September 2021 in Vancouver. 

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