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Lensworks Announces Neo-AO Series

The anamorphic-lens series is based upon vintage Todd AO and Cineovision lenses.

ASC Staff

Lensworks has announced the Neo-AO anamorphic-lens series, based upon vintage Todd AO and Cineovision lenses.

Available in 32mm (T2.2), 40mm (T2.2), 50mm (T2.1), 60mm (T1.6), 75mm (T2.1), 85mm (T1.8), 100mm (T2.5) and 127mm (T2.8), the set features six lenses built on Cooke Speed Panchros and two made from closely matched legacy glass. The lenses feature a new, modernized housing with internal focus, common focus/iris gears and new optics.

Coverage on the 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 85mm, 100mm and 127mm is suitable for working in 4K on the Sony Venice or Alexa Mini LF. 60mm and up have full 2.40 coverage, and the 50mm covers 2.40 at closer focal distance.

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