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LG Unveils UltraFine OLED Pro

The new line of reference monitors is making its debut at NAB this week and includes a 65" flagship model.

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The new line of reference monitors is making its debut at NAB this week and includes a 65" flagship model.

LG Electronics has introduced the UltraFine OLED Pro series of reference monitors.

The new line, which is making its debut this week at NAB, includes a 65" display (65EP5G) and 31.5" (32EP950) and 26.5" (27EP950) desktop monitors.   

“We started with the Emmy Award-winning LG OLED reference display and added a full range of features and functions to streamline the user experience for professional-broadcast and content-production applications,” says Nandhu Nandhakumar, senior vice president, office of the CTO, LG Electronics. “The LG UltraFine OLED Pro displays offer versatile options for a variety of visual tech applications. Each model is optimized for numerous creative workflows while faithfully reproducing the content creator’s visual intent. The result is stunning, color-rich, high-contrast content every time.”

All of the new models offer 10-bit color depth and use the DCI-P3 (for cinema) and Adobe RGB (for digital imagery) color-space standards.

The 65" UltraFine OLED Pro is a 120Hz UHD model that combines more than 8 million self-illuminated RGBW pixels with advanced calibration capabilities to achieve reference-quality performance and high color accuracy and uniformity. It includes LG’s proprietary SuperSign software for white balance and natively supports Calman color-calibration software. It also supports programmable hardware 1D and 3D LUTs and multiple color-accurate profiles for rapid transitioning between calibrated modes, and it features user-programmed function keys that provide quick access to on-screen features such as Markers, Zoom, Timecode functions and Audio Meters. A profile button also allows instant switching between user display presets for monitor settings and picture-quality options. The monitor is designed to be controllable by third-party devices through supported APIs.

The LG 65EP5G features a new, custom user interface that allowed for independent selection from 20 calibratable 1D LUTs and from 100 calibratable 3D LUTs for programming and activation. The 3D LUTs can be individually selected for either SDR or HDR modes of operation, and for each of the color spaces supported (BT.709, BT.2020, sRGB, P3 and Adobe RGB). In addition, the UI allows selection from 10 1D LUTs for SDR and 10 for HDR that can be set to different white points, PQ tracking and/or SDR gamma performance. 

The input options are designed for professional creators, particularly the four loop-through 12G SDI ports that enable a single monitor to display up to four HD feeds simultaneously. Additional inputs are HDMI, IP (SFP+ and RJ45) and Genlock, which is used in on-camera and virtual-production applications. The monitor supports P3, Adobe RGB and sRGB color profiles, in addition to broadcast-standard profiles. Supported HDR-video formats include HDR10, HLG, and DolbyVision, all of which can be user-calibrated.

The 31.5" and 26.5" class LG Pro UltraFine Display monitors are optimized for production uses such as HDR and SDR color timing, VFX editing, on-set monitoring and photo editing. Featuring RGB pixels, both models produce excellent white and high color accuracy. They offer many of the same visual-tech features as the 65” model, such as support for the Vesa DisplayHDR 400 True Black specification, and they include hardware-calibration capabilities for ensuring stable, accurate color regardless of workstation or output device. Both models feature LG’s new, curved ArcLine stand design and offer two DisplayPort ports, one HDMI port and various USB ports, including USB C PD.

Rounding out the LG OLED Pro family are models 32BP95E and 27BP95E, which include the same color-performance features as the other displays in a more traditional design. Rather than built-in hardware calibration support, each model uses a self-calibration sensor and monitor hood for maintaining color accuracy.

“The LG UltraFine Display OLED Pro is the ultimate OLED monitor for every professional’s desk, delivering the performance and features required for efficiently tackling today’s most demanding digital-content tasks,” says Nandhakumar.

LG Business Solutions USA is exhibiting at NAB for the first time this year (Booth C2631), but it has long provided technology for the show. LG 4K UHD displays are featured throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center at this year’s show. 

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