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Lightbridge Adds Diff 0 to CRLS

With the Diff 0 Mirror reflector, users can now choose from among five levels of diffusion. 

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With the Diff 0 Mirror reflector, users can now choose from among five levels of diffusion.

Lightbridge has released a new reflector for its Cine Reflect Lighting System: the Diff 0 Mirror.

The Diff 0 is formulated and engineered to a mirror surface, capable of replacing a “real” mirror. It is lighter weight and shatter-proof and also outputs greater reflectivity because there is no light loss from through-the-glass transmission.

Lightbridge reflectors utilize an aluminum-coated, polished surface that reflects up to 97 percent of the light that hits it, with 100 percent color rendering. Now there are five Cine Reflectors in every size (50x50cm, 25x25cm, 15x15cm, 7x7cm): Diff 0 Mirror, Diff 1 Punch Black, Diff 2 Blue Sky, Diff 3 Ambient Violet and Diff 4 Super White.  

Cine Reflectors act as key lights, aiming diffused light with precision. Lightbridge founder Jakob Ballinger notes, “CRLS Cine Reflectors offer more control while reducing the amount of flags, frames and stands on set." 

The Diff 0 Mirror reflector is available as a standalone purchase and will fit into existing C-Drive and C-Move Cine Reflector kits. It is also included in new C-Drive+ and C-Move+ kits, which come with an extra bag of mounting hardware. Each C-Grip hardware bag contains a C-Wheel Spigot, C-Wheel Receiver, two safeties and a safety wedge. With three C-Grip hardware bags included in each kit, users can now mount up to six reflectors simultaneously.

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