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Lightbridge, DoPChoice Unveil Snapbridge Glide

The lighting solution combines elements of the Lightbridge Precision Reflector System and DoPChoice Snapgrids and Snapbags.

ASC Staff

Lightbridge has teamed with DoPChoice to create the Snapbridge Glide Kit, a lighting solution for cinematography, videography and still photography.

Equally suited for use with artificial lamps and natural sources, the Snapbridge Glide adds a soft DoPChoice bounce around a Lightbridge Precision Reflector. The lightweight instrument snaps out of a compact pouch and assumes its nearly flat 5' octagonal shape. The Soft Mode helps create gentle, bounced fill light around the reflector; the Dark Mode provides negative fill with a glow of light while reducing spill around the reflector. Both sides accept Lightbridge Precision Reflectors at their center thanks to the rail on the back of each reflector and the C-Wheel mount that fits standard 16mm Baby pin mounts. To help make mounting easy and safe, an anti-rotation Lightbridge Extender is included.

The Snapbridge Glide Kit features a Snapbridge 5' Slim, one each 50x50 Lightbridge Diff2 and Diff3 Precision Reflector, one Speedbag 50, one C-Wheel receiver, one grip bag, one Lightbridge 16mm Extension and a cleaning cloth. The Snapbridge 5' Slim and Diff Precision Reflectors are also sold separately.

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