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Manfrotto Unveils Two Gimbals, GimBoom

The Gimbal 220 and Gimbal 460 are compatible with most CSC and DSLR cameras, and the GimBoom can extend their range by 11.5'.

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The Gimbal 220 and Gimbal 460 are compatible with most CSC and DSLR cameras, and the GimBoom can extend their range by 11.5'.

Manfrotto has introduced two three-axis gimbals, the Gimbal 220 and the Gimbal 460, and the GimBoom, which can extend the gimbals’ handheld range by 11.5' (3.5 meters). The products are sold separately.

The Gimbal 220 and Gimbal 460 are compatible with most CSC and DSLR cameras on the market. They are designed with LCD touchscreen controls and a quick-action button that instantly triggers functions such as timelapse, vertical shooting for social media, and selfie mode. 

Both gimbals also come with a quick-release plate design compatible with the Arca-Swiss standard, allowing users to easily transfer cameras between favorite gear without having to recalibrate the system once they are reattached to the gimbal. To ensure that setup is always quick (for example, when changing lenses), the gimbals also feature three-axis independent locking to facilitate simple calibration of the gimbal when changing setups. 

Manfrotto’s Gimbal 220 is designed for mirrorless-camera setups. It features a maximum payload weight of 4.8 pounds and a detachable arm that switches between a single handle and an underslung position. The 220 is also comes in a Pro Kit version, which features a follow focus. 

The Gimbal 460 is designed to stabilize DSLR and cinema-camera setups and features a maximum payload of 10 pounds. The Gimbal Pro Kit version comes complete with follow focus and a remote controller. 

Manfrotto’s carbon-fiber GimBoom is designed to empower users to maneuver gimbals in ways that would otherwise require drones or complicated dolly systems to accomplish. Featuring Fast Twisting Lock Technology, the Gimboom deploys with a simple twisting motion that locks or adjusts it into various positions.

Weighing 28 ounces and measuring 20" long, the GimBoom offers an extended range of 3.7', allowing users to choose from a variety of aerial angles when composing shots. The device is fitted with a rubber cap on one end to allow comfortable and easy placement on the ground during breaks in shooting. Three thread connectors arranged at 120 degrees along the shaft of the GimBoom enable it to be paired with dedicated GimBoom accessories.

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