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Mo-Sys Launches CapturyVP

The motion-capture solution eliminates the need for traditional mocap suits, gloves and markers.

ASC Staff

Mo-Sys Engineering has unveiled CapturyVP, a motion-capture solution that eliminates the need for traditional mocap suits, gloves and markers while enabling tracking of even small physical movements and facial expressions.

CapturyVP is scalable and utilizes an outside-in approach, wherein a series of set-and-forget cameras are positioned around the perimeter of the performance area. Once installed, the system allows for immediate talent calibration, maximizing studio time.

Users can blend real-world actions with augmented-reality graphics, enriching such applications as sports and news broadcasts, weather reports, corporate presentations and motion-picture visual effects.

CapturyVP integrates with StarTracker Max and VP Pro to create a robust virtual-production roadmap. The package includes hardware, software, mounting accessories and technical support.

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